What Is Concierge Medicine?

Health eHouse Calls is a Concierge Medical Practice, one in which a physician provides care to a limited number of people who pay an annual fee to be member patients of the practice.

With high deductible health insurance, the idea of paying out-of-pocket for routine care makes financial sense, and is gaining momentum across the country.

In fact, many Americans who switch to Concierge practices are discovering that this model of health care can save them significant amounts of money on their health care expenses.

“I called Dr. Wacasey at 11:35 PM on New Year’s Eve with a problem.

By midnight he had called in a prescription and the next day I felt a lot better.

He saved me a trip to the ER and I can’t even imagine how much money!”

 – Rick B.

Health eHouse Calls patients receive

several benefits, including:

24/7 access to a physician.

Same-day appointments (in most cases).

A comprehensive, annual WellCheck that includes labs.

Un-rushed visits so as to address all concerns.

At Health eHouse Calls, we pride ourselves on:

  • Not employing physician assistants, nurse practitioners, or other “mid-level providers.” If you’re paying to see a Doctor, then you should be seen by a Doctor.
  • Not pressuring our patients to buy hormones, supplements, or other branded products.
  • Offering discounted prices on labs, medications, supplies, and procedures.
  • Negotiating discounts on radiologic studies with local imaging centers.
  • Offering advice and tips on other ways you can save on health care, and health insurance.